It seems that we have become disconnected from the products we use in and on our body – where they come from, how they were made and how they even made it to our hands. There is nobody to blame, but it is important to recognize which farming and business practices truly regenerate our planet.

We believe that the solution to many of our problems is through community, both locally and globally. Through community we can create mutual benefit and responsibility, and that brings harmony and abundance to all who are involved.

We are working with a small community in Thailand that makes the pure products we offer. They create everything in a 100% renewable energy powered facility with a deep connection, understanding and respect to their natural surroundings. We offer them our support, so they can expand, grow and continue sharing their beautiful work.

We believe the slow, patient and mindful approach to both creating and advertising products will restore balance and harmony into the marketplace and the way we connect to the products we use every day. Our goal is to support the sustainable and regenerative systems which will give our future generations a marketplace which is honest, reliable and fair.

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See you soon!