The way we know something is true is by having a direct experience of it ourselves.

After years of travel and research we finally came across an honest family farm in Thailand which uses probiotics, soap berries, and other local fruits and plants to make their products. We decided to test it out on ourselves, not fully understanding what it was, and we ended up fully curing ourselves of psoriasis which we both have suffered from for a long time.

It was the purity of the raw & wild ingredients, the intelligent process of fermentation and the lack of chemicals and preservatives which made these shower goodies so potent.

It is the 100% renewable energy powered facility that makes their manufacturing process feel so light. It is the love found only on small farm operations which makes it feel so special.

Why Raw?

Heat is often used when processing organic material to speed things up and lower costs during manufacturing. Along the way that same heat destroys its nutritional content, natural enzymes & energetic composition. Using raw ingredients means that everything is harvested and put to ferment right away and its integrity and potency can be preserved.

Why Probiotic?

We already know how important it is to have a healthy and balanced microbiome in our gut. The same goes for the skin – probiotics nurture our good bacteria and kill off the bad bacteria, resulting in a balanced and healthy environment on the skin and hair. Adding microorganisms to raw plants and fruits helps to release enzymes which break them down and create beneficial substances. The fermentation helps the skin & scalp to absorb those beneficial substances better. No wonder we call it ‘Kombucha for the skin’!

Why Wildcrafted?

Plants native to a natural ecology are stronger, more potent and more resilient than cultivated plants because they survived against all environmental stressors such as other plants, insects, disease, and availability of sunlight and water. It also means they have never been touched by chemicals and were able to maintain their natural native attributes. These super potent plants are harvested in very small quantities only when needed to preserve them and keep them growin’!

Why Soap Berry?

Soap Berry (or soap nut) creates a gentle natural lather which is perfect for the human body (same pH as the skin). It strengthens and protects the lipid layer and allows the skin to lock in moisture which prevents dryness & irritation, unlike a majority of soaps on the market which strip the skin of its natural oils. Most soaps, even the organic ones, use a chemical process to manufacture a foaming agent called ‘saponin’. These berries come from the Sapindus tree and naturally contain saponin, which is released when the berries are in contact with water.

Why pH Balanced?

The skin secretes a natural defense called the acid mantle, making the surface of the skin a slightly acidic pH of 5.5. The soap berry used in our products also happen to have a natural pH of 5.5, while most soaps have a pH of 6 or higher. Nurturing, instead of washing away this natural defense with an alkaline substance, allows for the skin to lock in moisture, prevent dryness and irritation and work less to maintain its natural pH level.

Why Biodegradable?

When we take a shower, our soapy wastewater ends up in a wastewater treatment plant or septic tank. Biodegradable soaps typically break down completely within a few months, making it much easier on the waste treatment system to process the water. However, our product is actually beneficial when put into a sewage system because the effective microorganisms help break down other bacteria!

Why Hypoallergenic?

Many soaps on the market use strong chemicals which are known to cause allergic reactions such as irritation and inflammation, and it is possible to develop allergies to these chemicals over time. Using our pure & simple plant-based soap reduces any risk of allergies due to the absence of animal fats, detergents, dyes, artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. Actually, since the probiotics and perfect pH boost the skin’s immunity, it actually helps fight against allergens.

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