About Nature Sustained

We are Pasha and Daria, the founders of Nature Sustained. Pasha is an eco-entrepreneur and a student of sustainable agriculture, permaculture and biodynamics. Daria is an esthetician and a practitioner of Ayurvedic and holistic body care. We believe and want to promote the idea that we can nurture ourselves and our loved ones the best when we are in harmony with the elements of our planet. We see how much more meaningful and healthier our lives became when we made a deeper connection to the products we use and where they come from. This changed our perspective on many things and had a snowball effect into other areas of our life.

Being a good steward of the planet has given us so much and we just want to give back in any way that we can – by being honest, simple people with good intentions and having the proper knowledge to create something beautiful and beneficial. We do what we feel most drawn to, we love each other, and we found a way to work together to create something bigger than both of us. We have had our challenges along the way, but we feel support from the universe to move forward because this is what we and the world needs. We have both felt empty at some stage in our life – working jobs we didn’t feel happy in and overpaying for a small apartment in a big city. We decided to make a big and scary leap forward to give up our illusion of security and follow what our passions were leading us to.

Through all the trials and tribulations, travels and adventures in the last few years we have ended up in a place which makes us feel very content and satisfied. We are both studying and working in a way which makes us feel like we are finally on the right path, living with the nature and connected to likeminded people. We felt inspired by people around us and motivated by our own intuitions to make the leap forward to follow our passions and while we still have many challenges in front of us we know what we are doing is right! We invite others to hear our story and connect with us in any way they can, so we can all support and empower one other to make a deeper connection and see the truth around us.

We would love to get hear from you! Please reach out to us anytime with our contact page.

Hope to speak to you soon!