It would take four more Earths to continue with our current consumer culture, but, of course, we only have one! The tools, resources and information exist to radically improve our common situation. All that’s needed now is to put these solutions into action. Nature Sustained is here to assist in this paradigm shift.

What is Nature Sustained?

Nature Sustained is a collective dedicated to supporting healthier, happier and harmonious ways of being. Our mission is to inspire conscious living by providing simple and practical ways to live in symbiosis with Mother Nature. We help you take the leap forward from conscious awareness to conscious action. Our tools will help you navigate everyday life mindfully and have a positive impact on the environment.

Our mission is to spread awareness about:

  • The benefits of a whole food plant-based diet
  • Toxin free home cleaning products and natural body care
  • Herbal remedies for preventative and holistic health
  • Improving mental wellbeing with meditation, self-reflection and mindfulness
  • Conscious consumption of information and products
  • Minimizing waste, renewable energy and eco-friendly innovative technology

Why Nature Sustained?

Through our personal journey, we concluded that the only way to change the world is through changing ourselves first. By simply changing the little things you do every day, you can contribute to the well-being of our planet. How? Take shopping as an example:

We all buy stuff. However, many products are detrimental to the environment and our personal wellbeing! By becoming more aware of the impact of our purchases and voting with our wallets, we THE PEOPLE have the power to influence markets to provide healthy, ethical products. Shaping our economy lies in our hands… and credit cards! We provide the knowledge you need to make mindful purchases and support ethical and ecological brands.

Who is Nature Sustained?

Nature Sustained is a collective of creative individuals striving for healthier relationships with people and planet. Everyone in the tribe is on their own journey of personal growth and development, but what we all have in common is the drive to seek information, solutions, ideas and tools that support your growth.

Sounds good! Where do I begin?

  • View our categories, topics and articles for GMO-free information and BPA-free exclusive downloads
  • Visit our online store and amazon shop which endorses trusted products that vitalize health and enhance personal and planetary well-being
  • Take part in our 21-day challenge to learn new skills, overcome limiting beliefs and establish new habits
  • Get in touch via our contact page and visit our social media channels to help spread these ideas! We love hearing from you