Take the Nature Sustained 21-Day Plant Based Challenge!

Discover the immense benefits of a plant-based diet on your health and mental wellbeing.

21 Days - Unlimited Benefits

More energy. Weight loss. Increased sex drive. Protection from (and reversal of) lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Go beyond learning about the benefits of a plant-based diet and experience them for yourself. 

Our 21 Day Challenge provides the facts of why going plant-based will enhance your life, but more importantly the guidance to help you do it. The challenge presents small daily steps that over the course of 21 days add up to a giant leap in physical, mental and emotional vitality. The decisions you make about your dinner plate can create a lasting positive impact in your life, the lives of others, and the environment. With an optional donation of $1 you can pass on the value this challenge offers to Food For Life Global, a charity that feeds over 2 million hungry people every day. Take action today, and embark on this life changing journey.  

More Energy 

Plant-based foods are easier to digest, freeing up more energy for other precious processes, and contain energizing characteristics. 

Disease Prevention

Going plant-based has been shown to be potentially more effective than medicine at treating, and even reversing, modern lifestyle diseases. 

End Animal Suffering

Our fellow creatures benefit from you going plant-based. Choosing to go plant-based is a refusal to be a part of the suffering created by industrialized animal farming. 

Sustain Nature

Saying no to industrialized animal agriculture is saying no to mass desertification and deforestation that result from these industries.

Help Feed Those In Need

With an optional $1 donation you help Food For Life Global "to create peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of pure food prepared with loving intention."